My Summary of Learning

At long last, I have finished my Summary of Learning. I don’t use the word lightly, but it’s a masterpiece. The Citizen Kane of final projects. Actually, it’s a really strange parody of Dora the Explorer. Remember, Everything is a Remix!

Truly My Magnum Opus

Because the video is a bit more general than detailed, here is a more formal written summary of my learning. I’ll start with my blog posts:

My Social Media Background: I reflected on my own background with social media. This is something I hadn’t done much of previously, and it was a useful exercise.

What’s History without Knowledge?: This discussion of the idea of knowledge being obsolete tied into my experience teaching a largely content-based curriculum.

Adventures in Video Editing: WeVideo: I explored a video editing tool called WeVideo. I became comfortable enough with it that I made my final video using it.

Remixing the Remix: This post highlighted the idea that almost all creative work is built off of previous work–I connected this to the importance of educator collaboration.

Oh My, OER: I dove into the world of open education, looking at it generally and then exploring the open education database MERLOT.

Slacktivism and Me: I argued back and forth against myself regarding the merits of social activism in the classroom and the importance of digital leadership.

I also had a great deal of success growing my professional learning network through Twitter, Slack, and even some avenues outside of the class, such as Facebook groups. I started taking this as a more serious responsibility rather than an informal process.

My Learning Project demonstrates that, with concentrated time and effort, you can learn anything. I deliberately chose a skill I didn’t think I could really get good at, and yet it went exceedingly. I am excited to share my end results for next week.

I appreciate the opportunities this class presented me. As a student in the Educational Leadership program, this pushed me outside my comfort zone and gently challenged a lot of my assumptions. Above all, my peers in this class are an impressive group of people who always make me feel like a beginner when I see some of the work they are doing.

All the best, and thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “My Summary of Learning

  1. That was fun and educational. Not going to lie … Paws stole the show … kinda like Boots 🙂 I have the same conversation with myself to on using social media in the classroom … I’m making progress and your blog entry gave me lots to think about (the conversation in my head continues). Great summary. Thanks for being part of my PLN


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