Major Digital Project 9: In Summation

So I’ve finally hit the end of my attempt to learn Spanish, at least formally for my class, EC&I 831. Fortunately, I fully intend to continue learning Spanish going forward, especially through Duolingo and hopefully with some travel and an online course for credit to come. I figured the most authentic way to assess whereContinue reading “Major Digital Project 9: In Summation”

Major Digital Project 8: Tallying the Progress

Note: I wrote most of this post last week but think it’s still worth posting! I put some extra effort into Duolingo the past few days to hit a milestone of sorts: I am now at Level 2 or higher for every skill in “worlds” (I’ll call them units from now on) 1 and 2!Continue reading “Major Digital Project 8: Tallying the Progress”

Major Digital Project 7: Hard Times

Let me preface my post by saying that the last week was a slog. Between five days of intensive professional development in Regina (apply next year), a funeral, and parent-teacher interviews, things were rough. Yet I believe it is in these tough times that our true resolve shows through! (This week’s title is an annoyinglyContinue reading “Major Digital Project 7: Hard Times”

Major Digital Project 6: Gaming the Gamification

I’ve been meaning to dig deeper into the gamification aspect of Duolingo for a few weeks now, but I’ve been finding it also takes a lot of time to simply describe what I have been doing each week. So I’ll try to keep this summary brief: I have continued using Duolingo, hitting a 30 dayContinue reading “Major Digital Project 6: Gaming the Gamification”

Major Digital Project 4/5: Hola YouTube!

On Twitter last week, I got a huge response (ok, 11 likes) to my tweet about leaving blog posts unpublished. Just my luck that a tweet highlighting my flaws would make it big. It was reassuring to hear that at least six of my classmates, and Dr. Couros himself, deal with the issue too. There’sContinue reading “Major Digital Project 4/5: Hola YouTube!”

Major Digital Project 3: Duoling-whoa!

It’s rare for me to get addicted to an app, but that’s what has happened to me with Duolingo. Perhaps even rarer, it’s an app that’s educational! Or is it? That, and more, in this week’s update on my major digital project! Last week, for those keeping score at home, I decided upon a directionContinue reading “Major Digital Project 3: Duoling-whoa!”

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