Major Digital Project 6: Gaming the Gamification

I’ve been meaning to dig deeper into the gamification aspect of Duolingo for a few weeks now, but I’ve been finding it also takes a lot of time to simply describe what I have been doing each week. So I’ll try to keep this summary brief: I have continued using Duolingo, hitting a 30 dayContinue reading “Major Digital Project 6: Gaming the Gamification”

Major Digital Project 4/5: Hola YouTube!

On Twitter last week, I got a huge response (ok, 11 likes) to my tweet about leaving blog posts unpublished. Just my luck that a tweet highlighting my flaws would make it big. It was reassuring to hear that at least six of my classmates, and Dr. Couros himself, deal with the issue too. There’sContinue reading “Major Digital Project 4/5: Hola YouTube!”

Major Digital Project 3: Duoling-whoa!

It’s rare for me to get addicted to an app, but that’s what has happened to me with Duolingo. Perhaps even rarer, it’s an app that’s educational! Or is it? That, and more, in this week’s update on my major digital project! Last week, for those keeping score at home, I decided upon a directionContinue reading “Major Digital Project 3: Duoling-whoa!”

Adventures in Video Editing: WeVideo

I’ve had WeVideo bookmarked and untouched at the top of my browser window for well over a year now. And I’ve yet to really ever explore the site despite my colleagues’ success with it and my desire to get into 2019 with video editing. I’ve always been interested in the video medium. I can stillContinue reading “Adventures in Video Editing: WeVideo”

Major Digital Project 2: Option B Underway!

Have you ever witnessed other people do something impressive and feel like you could never do it yourself? That’s how I feel about learning a second language. While I know it’s possible, my self-efficacy is apparently lower with this skill than with most. That made me want to challenge myself with learning Spanish for thisContinue reading “Major Digital Project 2: Option B Underway!”

What’s History without Knowledge?

Of all the resources provided in EC&I 831 this week, it was Pavan Arora’s video “Knowledge is obsolete, so now what?” that resonated the most with me. I found his main argument, that the education system must be drastically overhauled to deal with the commodification of knowledge incredibly persuasive. And scary, oh so scary, becauseContinue reading “What’s History without Knowledge?”

Major Digital Project 1: Options, Oh, My!

I’ve already spent a lot of time thinking about my major project. Like a lot, a lot. Probably more than I’d like to admit. When my students were working on a writing assignment in class this week, several remarked that coming up with an idea was the hardest part. As I’ve worked through several ideasContinue reading “Major Digital Project 1: Options, Oh, My!”

EC&I 831: Social Media & Open Education

I’ll just check Twitter for 5 minutes. — Me, sitting on the couch from 7:00 to midnight “Hello, World!” It’s been a long, long time since I’ve had a blog. 7 years, in fact, since I graced the halls of the University of Saskatchewan. It’s neat to be back. Social media. An increasingly dominant partContinue reading “EC&I 831: Social Media & Open Education”

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